Saturday, March 29, 2014

On Creativity, Open Education & the Possiblities it represents

A new quarter is before us.    I hope to work on developing this "Blog Channel" for "Outsiders"  to reflect upon the on-going dialogue and engagement over the course of the ensuing weeks and months.   In the "daily research" here, I wanted to report on this courtesy of the team @ Ted Talks as I hope to comment on a number of on-going MOOC courses I have begun to work on thru edX.

Onward w/the new Quarter w/all its' possibilities :-)


Craftsmanship (9 talks)

What feels so good about getting hands-on and making something? These talks speak to the art of craft. Watch »
Total run time 1:40:26

Sunday, March 23, 2014

On MOOCS: A Brief "newsflash"

We here @ "outsiders" are excited to join this upcoming NovoEd effort coming up as we're also excited to join the Edx's Course sponsored by Learning by Giving Foundation.   The opportunity to expand one's horizons is ever so.

We hope to report on it soon here.

Babson Global
Dear Leaders-in-training,
Welcome! Lead Like an Entrepreneur is almost ready to begin, and we are excited to meet you Monday.
We are really looking forward to this opportunity to work together. See you online!

Allan Cohen and David Bradford

Friday, March 14, 2014

A "Mojo" 2 Consider Courtesy of the team @ Success Magazine -)

Daily Mojo: "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein 

*In honor of Einstein's birthday today, go out and make mistakes. It's ok if you fail. It just means you are doing what others won't do: try new things.

A "Newsflash" On Open Education

As I work to develop this "Channel" ever more, there is one very interesting development that I find fascinating:  The development of a Linux Introductory Course by the Linux Foundation in collaboration with the folks @ EdX is a major development that I view as further lending credibility to the Open Education Movement.     This is as Microsoft is rumored to be giving away its' Windows, Chrome is already free and Apple has also "freed up" its' Operating System.

Fascinating Times....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On the Future Roadmap: Brief Thoughts

I first launched this in response to a project I initially took on on Open Education.    There have been a proflieration of such initiatives which at times becomes dizzying to watch and observe.  I have had the privilege to collaborate with the Open Doors Group and its' various affiliated organizations over the course of the past number of years and they have worked dilligently on trying to work to transform the view on Education.    The advent of MOOCS has also been quite fascinating to watch and observe.     I hope to use this channel further to reflect upon it over the course of the ensuing weeks and months as I take time to reflect on the roadmap ahead.

Fascinating times indeed. ....

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