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Friday, December 24, 2021

On This #ChristmasEve2021


Please enjoy this curated selection from our co-founders' Spotify collection as we wish all a joyous holiday season:

Monday, December 20, 2021

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On Drugs in Our World (Courtesy the Visual Capitalist)

We present a snapshot of the State of Drugs in our World courtesy the team at the Visual Capitalist:

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): Remembering......

 Bells of Peace with Bugler large logo

The first Bells of Peace ceremony at the new National World War I Memorial in Washington, DC was held on November 11, 2021. The ringing of the ship's bell 21 times was followed by the playing of Taps by three buglers in succession, echoing through the Memorial grounds. Other activities at the Memorial on Veterans Day included wreath layings by the Embassy of Serbia and the 82nd Airborne Division. The Doughboy Foundation supports the playing of Taps at 5:00 p.m. daily at the National World War I Memorial. (Photo by Bruce Guthrie)

Monday, December 6, 2021

View of the Week (Weekly Edition): On Our World Courtesy The Visual Capitalist


Please enjoy:

Sunday Digest: Last Week's Infographics

Here are all the new infographics from last week in one easy place! 
The World Population Pyramid (1950-2100)

The world is in the midst of a demographic transition. Here's how the world population pyramid will change as we close in on the year 2100.

Visualizing the Accumulation of Human-Made Mass on Earth

The amount of human-made (or anthropogenic) mass, has now exceeded the weight of all life on Earth, including humans, animals, and plants.

Population Boom: How We Got to Nearly 8 Billion People

In the next year, humanity is set to pass the 8 billion person milestone. These charts and maps put global population growth into context.

The Decline of U.S. Car Production

U.S. car production has been in a long-term downward trend since the 1970s. We examine some of the factors driving this trend.

After China's Crypto Ban, Who Leads in Bitcoin Mining?

In September 2021, China issued a blanket ban on all crypto activities. Click to find out which country is the new leader in bitcoin mining.

How Has Car Safety Improved Over 60 Years?

Seatbelts first became mandatory in the U.S. in 1968. Since then, new technologies have greatly reduced road fatalities.

What Investors Should Know About Plant-Based Foods Market

Plant-based foods are gaining traction, fast. Interested in investing in this rapidly growing industry? Here are 10 things you should know.

Visualizing Global Per Capita CO2 Emissions

33.6 Gt of CO2 was emitted across the world in 2019. Here we visualize the global per capita CO2 emissions by country and region.

The History of Cannabis Prohibition in the U.S.

Cannabis is federally illegal in the U.S., but it wasn't always that way. Here's a look at the timeline of cannabis prohibition in the U.S.

Draining the World's Oceans to Visualize Earth's Surface

Over two-thirds of Earth’s surface is covered by water and hidden from sight. This animation drains the world’s oceans to reveal the bottom.

What are NFTs? Mapping the NFT Ecosystem

NFTs have grown to be a hot topic and frothy market, but what are they really? This graphic defines NFTs and explores the NFT ecosystem.

Monday, November 22, 2021

#OutsiderVibes (Weekly Edition): Thirteen Days

On this Thanksgiving 2021 Week here in the United States, we present a window into history as we wish all in the United States a joyous thanksgiving. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Notations From the Grid (Special Edition): On Teaching Excellence

 As  part of our commitment to bring thoughts & ideas, please enjoy the following courtesy Kappa Delta Pi: 

KDP Teaching Excellence from Campus to Classroom


The Kappa Delta Pi Record, a journal published in partnership with Taylor & Francis, brings you articles on national and international issues related to policy, practical articles on theory-based instructional methods, original research reports, and evidence-based commentaries. The KDP Record is included in your membership to Kappa Delta Pi. Here are some fresh takes on topics of interest from the October 2021 issue.


KDP Record Oct-Dec  2021 Issue - Click here to gather new ideas and research


Body Language Signals, Social Class, and Implicit Bias

Markers of social class are communicated and interpreted through a diverse set of social practices. With the strategies presented in this article, teachers can recognize the signals of social class and work to interrupt implicit bias. Read the lead author's blog here.

Read More


Responding Well to Student Homelessness

Though the number of American students who are homeless has surged, identifying them and providing the assistance they need is difficult. The author of this article explores the problem and offers strategies and resources for educators.

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Curriculum Connections: Learning to Count in Different Cultures

Culture and language play important roles in counting techniques, affecting how students learn math around the globe.

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KDP Teaching Excellence Campus to Classroom