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On Our "Virtual Route 66" This Week: Mid-Week Random Thoughts


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

On Our "Virtual Route 66" This Week: On Education Watch


By Emmely Ramirez and Olivia Keeler, EdSource California Student Journalism Corps

Cal State campuses are prioritizing publishing Spanish-language coverage, but sometimes struggle to find students with the necessary skills.

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A growing body of research shows that having a Black teacher increases students’ scores on math and reading tests and increases the chance that they will graduate from college.

California has been trying to recruit and retain Black teachers for years, but the percentage of Black teachers still lags behind the percentage of Black students.

What’s keeping Black teachers from getting to and staying in the classroom? And how can we do more to support them?


California education news: What's the latest?

Our picks from other sources

California schools forced to compete with fast food industry for workers after minimum wage hike

By Adam Beam, The Associated Press, April 3

What charter schools and authorizers should be doing to prevent fraud, according to a new report

By Kristen Taketa, The San Diego Union-Tribune, April 4

Report: How Colleges Can Contribute to Rural Pathways for Careers

By Ashley Mowreader, Inside Higher Ed, April 4

Is early childhood education ready for AI?

By Ariel Gilreath, The Hechinger Report, April 4

The mystifying costs of college in California, explained

By Mikhail Zinshteyn, CalMatters, April 3

America has legislated itself into competing red, blue versions of education

By Hannah Natanson, Lauren Tierney, and Clara Ence Morse, The Washington Post,

The Top 10 Leadership Books I’m Reading in the Spring of 2024

Each quarter I list a group of books from my current personal reading list which will make you a better leader.  This quarter’s collection will help you with high-performance, personal growth, spiritual development, financial literacy, and learning the secrets of championship teams.

Also, I can’t recommend enough that you become a reader and continual learner.  There are issues you are facing today which can be solved in 48 hours by simply purchasing one or more of the books listed below.

This list includes great writers like Morgan Housel, Louie Giglio, Jack Hibbs, Charles Duhigg, Donald Miller, Ron Shaich, and many more!

Click HERE or on the image below for The Top 10 Leadership Books I’m Reading in the Spring of 2024.

For additional resources for quality leadership books, click the following:


Thursday, April 4, 2024

On Our "Virtual Route 66" This Week As a New Quarter Dawns: On The Education Scene


A silhouette of a student walking into a campus building

By Ashley Bolter, Delilah Brumer, Kelcie Lee and Abbie Phillips, EdSource California Student Journalism Corps

Uncertainty around financial aid means students don't know how much college will cost them.

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California education news: What's the latest?

Our picks from other sources

UC Berkeley parents hired private security, fearing for their kids

By Salvador Hernandez and Nathan Solis, Los Angeles Times, March 27

Christian group is ‘luring’ students with free pizza at lunch, Clovis parents say

By Laura S. Diaz, Fresno Bee, March 26

Rick Ledesma and Madison Miner are removed from Orange Unified’s board

By Annika Bahnsen, OC Register, March 27

Miller Creek School District scales back transitional kindergarten

By Keri Brenner, Marin Independent Journal, March 26

Santa Rosa board to discuss school name changes, new safety position, Gaza cease-fire resolution

By Adriana Gutierrez, The Press Democrat, March 27

Digital media literacy becoming a graduation requirement

By Lauren Coffey, Inside Higher Ed, March 26

Also of interest

Teach to Lead Summit: April 12-14 in San Diego. “Leading for the Future: Improving the Educator Experience and Expanding Opportunities to Elevate the Profession” is the theme of a conference sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education. The department invites teams of educators, including at least one practicing teacher, to apply for the in-person convening. Free registration and lodging for accepted teams. Learn more here.

Labor-management conference: June 24-26: The California Labor-Management Initiative invites school districts to send teams to the annual conference in San Diego to hear from experts and exemplar districts, and discuss opportunities to build labor and management teams in difficult times. Teams should include the superintendent, HR director, certificated and classified union leaders, and a school board member. School teams also can attend. Go here to register and learn more.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

On Our Virtual Route 66 This Week With #RandomThoughts Courtesy the Team at the Daily Stoic & Brian Dodd

video preview

In a recent video on the Daily Stoic YouTube Channel, Ryan Holiday shares some practices to get started with Stoicism, such as taking the view from above, noticing the ephemeral nature of things, and choosing to view events in a positive light:

“There’s no such thing as a bear market or a bull market, good weather or bad weather — there’s just weather, just the market. Our job as humans, is to respond, and of we course we put names on them so we have a helpful way of seeing them. But we have to understand the way we see them and the story we tell ourselves about them determines what we’re going to be able to do about them. So if you focus on the fact that something is unfair, that something is not your fault, that something sucks, that something is impossible, these words have a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy to them.”
Watch What is Stoicism? 10 Stoic Exercises to Get You Started

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video preview

In a popular episode of The Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan Holiday sits down with Guy Raz in San Francisco to speak on applying Stoic principles to your life, the best way to structure your day, and how to become a better teacher:

“The best teachers never cease to be students. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. I teach younger people about the craft of what I do, but I’m also learning from them all the time and learning from other sources, trying to get better at what I do, and that subsequently makes me a better transmitter of information.
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It’s a reminder that for everything outside of our control, we retain—at the core of our being—an incredible power: The power to choose what we do with what happens to us. The power to decide what role an event will play in our lives. The power to write the end of our own story.

Read: You Can’t Change What Happened, But…


video preview

In a recent video on the Daily Stoic YouTube Channel, Ryan Holiday shares timeless Stoic strategies to become motivated such as structuring your routine, trusting the process, and making the time for what really fuels us:

“Marcus Aurelius made time to read. Epictetus was a slave and he managed to read. You have time to read, you just have to make time to read. …It’s not that we have a little bit of time, Seneca says, it’s that we waste a lot of it — and you’re wasting it right now. Put the phone down and go read. If you want to read, then do it — make the time for it.”
Watch How To Get and Stay Motivated (with Stoicism)

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video preview

In a popular episode of The Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan Holiday speaks with author Mark Manson on how being highly successful can ruin one’s life, what he is striving to disrupt in the self-help industry, and the importance of practicing philosophy daily:

“The thing about these concepts, both the Stoic and other philosophical concepts, is that you’re never done with them. You never stop and say ‘I’ve got the gratitude thing figured out, don’t have to worry about that.’ It’s a daily practice — you have to do it repeatedly, and like a muscle, you will lose it if you don’t keep it up.”
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The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of March 11th

Mar 15, 2024 05:32 pm | Brian Dodd

The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of March 11th Teaching People To Think Strategically by Admired Leadership I Am A Winner by James Albright via How To Find Success With The 4 Conditions Of “Intelligent Failure” by On Building A Cathedral by Seth Godin The Dumber Side Of Smart People […]

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