Thursday, July 3, 2014

On Education, the Grid & Other Thoughts: A "View of the Week" as a New Season Begins ....

It is the eve of 4th of July in the United States and the advent of a new season   before us here in "Outsiders".    This channel which has been dedicated to the development in "Open Education" will continue onward as developments are assessed as it is noted that the nature of Education is changing as the Department of Education has been ever so forceful with the Gainful Employment Rule for Proprietary Education Institutions and the role of Universities itself is being questioned.   

Beyond the ever-changing nature of Education itself, there is of course "the Grid".   As someone who works on the Grid daily, I am not sure if I "fit" this latest although some of the sins are so critical to guard against that was featured on recently.   I also think that this statement, "..."Social media can lead to envy. It can lead, possibly, to depression. In a 2013 study, University of Michigan researchers Ethan Kross and Philippe Verduyn texted people while they were using Facebook, and found that as time on Facebook increased, a person's mood and overall satisfaction with their lives declined. In other words, Facebook can make you jealous. It can make you feel more alone than connected...." is a bit far fetched because a sense of common sense is ever so critical.    Too much of anything is not healthy and being periodically away from the "Grid" is truly helpful.

What is clear is this:  We have to think different.   The Google commitment to fund MOOC research at Carnegie Mellon is one such step as the MOOC start-ups are growing ever more.       We will be commenting on this over the ensuing weeks and months.


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