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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Notations On Our World: On the Solar Impulse & the Possibilities....

As we have been preparing to go "dark" for the July 4 Week-End in the United States, we have been amazed at the possibilities we have researched and commented on.     As we wish all in the United States a happy and safe 4th of July, we wanted to share this latest bulletin we received on the Solar Impulse (featured here in #Outsiders at the #Visions Channel).  Education is about possibilities and we hope to be able to report on its' progress next week as we leave you with this that we hope all will periodically check out.

Happy Birthday America!!  

We look forward to "seeing" all next week as we return with our regular features--including the Friday Musical Interlude.

OCEAN CROSSING TO HAWAII: MORNING PROGRAM - DAY 5#LIVE at 17:50 UTC. This is your daily morning update!

On June 28th, Si2 took off at 18:03 UTC from Nagoya, with André at the controls, for a historic flight over the Pacific ocean to Hawaii. This is officially a world-breaking flight in terms of duration, and he still has 24 hours to go!

Si2 has made it through four full cycles, completing a 4 days and 4 nights flight. In today’s morning program, we will take you through the energy neutral morning point - the most critical moment of the day. Additionally, you will hear everything about André's challenging night trying to cross the cold front, accumulated fatigue, going through turbulence, and extremely low battery levels. NOW is the moment of truth of this 8th flight.
We will also explain you the special deal that we have offered to our supporters: if 50 #futureisclean paper plane videos are shared on social media, André will accept to sing a song LIVE whilst flying... Make it happen and send us your video!
This is a historic first. We are demonstrating that human commitment and clean technologies can achieve the impossible: flying across an ocean on solar power only. Still, we need your support. Add your voice on to ensure that our airplane will make a real difference. 
Watch the LIVE Morning Show from the Mission Control Center

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