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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Notations On Our World (W-End Edition): On The Virtual Prowl in Washington

As the transformation for #Outsiders continues, we are pleased to share this from our archives as It has been around 66 Days since Donald Trump took the oath of office.    We picked this up from our Archives as the Last Obama Budget went up to Congress and the corresponding so-called "people's Budget which we wanted to report on: 

This was published by the National Priorities Project as the Trump Budget blue was announced and as the United States was witness to the first major legislative defeat for President Trump on Obamacare--although the spin now is that "Washington is Broken.." and that "it is the Democrats Fault":


President Trump today released a first draft of his proposed budget for the United States in fiscal year 2018. 

Imagine a federal budget that took stock of the current needs and threats facing our country, and made a good faith effort to use taxpayer money to address those challenges.
This budget does not do that.
Instead, this budget adds $54 billion to the United States military budget – already larger than the military budgets for the next seven countries combined – by taking away from nearly everything else that keeps our society and economy functioning.

Americans' top priorities are terrorism, the economy, and education. The Trump budget falls short on all three.

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