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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Special Thursday Editon): On Our World....

 Please Enjoy this courtesy of the team at @Futurism: 
Over the weekend Elon Musk answered public questions in an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. While being both transparent and lighthearted, he discussed the potential of internet on Mars, the design of the rockets that will get us there, and took on many other technical questions about the future of SpaceX. READ MORE
A power plant in Hellisheiði, Iceland not only produces no emissions — it technically produces negative emissions. Moving forward, the development and adoption of such geoengineering methods will be essential as we continue to fight climate change.READ MORE
Virgin Galactic CEO Sir Richard Branson spoke at a gathering of entrepreneurs last week in Helsinki, Finland. The 67-year old British businessman talked about his plans for commercial space tourism, which he says is possible by early 2018. READ MORE
Ray Kurzweil is a formidable figure in futuristic thinking, as he is estimated to have an 86 percent accuracy rate for his predictions about the future. The future he envisions is one marked by decentralization of both the physical and mental. READ MORE
This Monday, the scientists from LIGO, VIRGO and observatories around the world will reveal new information about their work with gravitational waves — an area that could transform science forever, and offer unparalleled insight into our universe. READ MORE
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This is the World 1,000 Years From Now

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