Monday, March 1, 2021

Notations From the Grid: On the State of Our World

 Welcome to March here in the Daily Outsider.

Please enjoy this weekly snapshot of the State of our World courtesy the Team at the Visual Capitalist: 

The Population of China in Perspective

China is the world's most populous country with over 1 billion people. But how does the population of China compare to the rest of the world?

Mapped: The Greenest Countries in the World

The world's growing focus on sustainability is a clear sign of the times. This map ranks the 40 greenest countries in the world.

Ranked: The World's Black Billionaires in 2021

Black billionaires make up fewer than 1% of all billionaires worldwide. Who are they, and how have they built their wealth?

How Much Solar Energy is Consumed Per Capita? (1965-2019)

This visualization highlights the growth in solar energy consumption per capita over 54 years. Which countries are leading the way?

How Global Health and Wealth Has Changed Over Time

This unique animated visualization uses health and wealth measurements to chart the evolution of countries over time.

The Carbon Footprint of Trucking

The impact of booming ecommerce and international trade on trucking's carbon footprint and GHG emissions is heavy—but there are solutions.

History of the Silver State: Nevada and its Silver Districts

Nevada is one of the most prolific gold districts in the world. However, it will be its silver legacy that will renew its mining industry.

How Royalty and Streaming Companies Create Value

Discover how royalty and streaming companies offer a unique way to invest in precious metals and the mining industry.

What's the Price of a Beer in Your Country?

The global desire for beer prevails even in a pandemic. These maps compare the average beer price in 58 countries—just how much do we drink?

This Week's Flashback Favorites:

18 Cognitive Bias Examples of Why Mental Mistakes Get Made

Here are 18 of the most common mental mistakes in business and investing. Make sure to learn from these cognitive bias examples to make better decisions.

Originally from March 2018

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