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Monday, June 19, 2023

On Our "Virtual Route 66" Around the World" On the Education Beat

 We present the following courtesy Inside Higher Ed:

A green line on a chart shows the increasing rates of delinquency among student loan borrowers in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's sample.

More Borrowers at Risk of Defaulting

With student loan payments set to resume, a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report shows more borrowers are struggling. “The situation is worse than we could have imagined,” one advocate said.


Why Students Opt Not to Enroll

Students in a new survey cite concerns about academic preparation, mental health and affordability. Many say college isn’t worth it.

Without a Preference, Amherst Legacy Admits Fell From 11% to 6%

This is the first year in which they did not receive a preference.

Mandatory Job Training for Bowdoin Students

At Bowdoin College, sophomores are required to attend a job-training “boot camp,” which gives them skills, career options and peace of mind.

New Programs: Business, Elementary Education, Forensic Science, Social Work


Quick Takes

Juilliard Fires Professor Accused of Harassment
UConn Expels Students for Vandalism
Bellarmine Provost Quits After Vote of No Confidence
Mississippi Auditor Criticizes Diversity Spending
Defining Polysubstance Use in Adolescents: Academic Minute

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