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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): #RandomThoughts For the Week

 Please enjoy the following #RandomThoughts on Justice and on Stoics:

Thomas Aquinas on Justice
The ancients were well aware of the many aspects of justice. Reading their texts, one is struck by the great richness and complexity of their perspectives.

The very root of the Greek word dikaiosynē (justice), dikē, refers to a multiplicity of operational meanings that concern, first of all, the relationship with God and the government of the self that are expressed in operational terms through directives, orders and dispositions. Dike was the mythological daughter of Jupiter and Themis, goddess of laws and courts. She was depicted with a sword and scales, the image by which justice is still represented today.

Justice is above all the characteristic proper to God, who is its foundation, an aspect that constantly returns in the classical and biblical tradition. In this sense, “justice,” more than the observance of a law, is above all a characteristic of being. Dikaiosynē allows us to assign to things their “right” and “true” place: it is the place that for the Bible belongs to every being in the harmony of Creation, respecting the sphere assigned to it and contributing to the Creator’s great design.



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In a new video on the Daily Stoic YouTube Channel, Ryan Holiday shares timeless wisdom and lessons from some of the most influential Stoic philosophers, such as Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Zeno. The ancient Stoics came from almost every imaginable background, yet they all had something in common — their commitment to living virtuously:

“For the Stoics, virtue was the highest good. It was what you were aiming at in life — not virtue in the sense that you think you’re better than other people. Virtue isn’t a thing you talk about. Virtue isn’t a thing you explore in the abstract — it’s a way that you live your life.”
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"Of course, we know that these one-liners and great quotes are interesting, inspiring, and provocative. We post them everyday on social media. We talk about them in our emails. But if someone stops there, they’re missing the point. Stoicism is a lot more than that (That’s one of the reasons we’re relaunching Stoicism 101: Ancient Philosophy for Your Actual Life. It’s great that you’re subscribed to this email, but what next? How do you take the next step? How are you applying these ideas?)"

-It’s Not About The One-Liners (Listen)


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In a recent episode of The Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan Holiday speaks with United States Army Green Beret Nate Boyer about how he was able to become an NFL starter at a position he had never played before, how he is striving to be great in his television career, and embracing the roller coaster of life:

“Just understanding that these things are normal, these things are life. It is a roller coaster. You’re going to feel these high highs and low lows, and the higher the highs, the lower the lows at the same time — it’s just riding through those moments and knowing: this is the human experience.”
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