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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

On Our Virtual Route 66 This Week With #RandomThoughts Courtesy the Team at the Daily Stoic & Brian Dodd

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In a recent video on the Daily Stoic YouTube Channel, Ryan Holiday shares some practices to get started with Stoicism, such as taking the view from above, noticing the ephemeral nature of things, and choosing to view events in a positive light:

“There’s no such thing as a bear market or a bull market, good weather or bad weather — there’s just weather, just the market. Our job as humans, is to respond, and of we course we put names on them so we have a helpful way of seeing them. But we have to understand the way we see them and the story we tell ourselves about them determines what we’re going to be able to do about them. So if you focus on the fact that something is unfair, that something is not your fault, that something sucks, that something is impossible, these words have a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy to them.”
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In a popular episode of The Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan Holiday sits down with Guy Raz in San Francisco to speak on applying Stoic principles to your life, the best way to structure your day, and how to become a better teacher:

“The best teachers never cease to be students. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. I teach younger people about the craft of what I do, but I’m also learning from them all the time and learning from other sources, trying to get better at what I do, and that subsequently makes me a better transmitter of information.
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It’s a reminder that for everything outside of our control, we retain—at the core of our being—an incredible power: The power to choose what we do with what happens to us. The power to decide what role an event will play in our lives. The power to write the end of our own story.

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In a recent video on the Daily Stoic YouTube Channel, Ryan Holiday shares timeless Stoic strategies to become motivated such as structuring your routine, trusting the process, and making the time for what really fuels us:

“Marcus Aurelius made time to read. Epictetus was a slave and he managed to read. You have time to read, you just have to make time to read. …It’s not that we have a little bit of time, Seneca says, it’s that we waste a lot of it — and you’re wasting it right now. Put the phone down and go read. If you want to read, then do it — make the time for it.”
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In a popular episode of The Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan Holiday speaks with author Mark Manson on how being highly successful can ruin one’s life, what he is striving to disrupt in the self-help industry, and the importance of practicing philosophy daily:

“The thing about these concepts, both the Stoic and other philosophical concepts, is that you’re never done with them. You never stop and say ‘I’ve got the gratitude thing figured out, don’t have to worry about that.’ It’s a daily practice — you have to do it repeatedly, and like a muscle, you will lose it if you don’t keep it up.”
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The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of March 11th

Mar 15, 2024 05:32 pm | Brian Dodd

The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of March 11th Teaching People To Think Strategically by Admired Leadership I Am A Winner by James Albright via How To Find Success With The 4 Conditions Of “Intelligent Failure” by On Building A Cathedral by Seth Godin The Dumber Side Of Smart People […]

Monday, March 18, 2024

Notations On Our World (Special Edition) : After Five Months of War

Friday, March 15, 2024

On Our Education "Virtual 66" This Week: Thoughts On Education & A Window Into Our World

We present the following for consideration:


By Steven Brint


The sector isn’t prepared to defend itself.



By Domingo Docampo


Predatory journals and bad-faith scholars are gaming the system — at scale.


By Nell Gluckman


As the state becomes the latest to legalize online gambling, it’s earmarking a chunk of the profits for athletic departments. “I’m excited, no matter how much it is,” one administrator said.


By Karin Fischer


A Fulbright chapter and a special training program both seek to expand international opportunities at two-year institutions.


This week the students will begin taking the SAT on their own or school-provided computers. The admissions test, which will still be administered in high schools and test centers, is also an hour shorter and offers digital tools, including a highlighter, a calculator, and a bookmark to return to skipped questions. The changes aim to make cheating harder and grading easier. (NPR)


The California State University campus was about to fire a biology professor, David Stachura, for dishonesty, sexual harassment, and retaliation when it agreed to withdraw the charges last month in exchange for his resignation in a deal that bars him from working again in the Cal State system, according to documents obtained by EdSource, which has made a series of revelations about the case.


The provost said a review had suggested dropping 13 undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates, and terminating nine faculty members. The proposed cuts, intended to help close a $14.3-million deficit, face votes by the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees. (Iowa Capital Dispatch)


Wyatt Gable, a 21-year-old undergraduate at East Carolina University, narrowly defeated Rep. George Cleveland, 84, who has served in the state’s House for nearly 20 years. Gable, who is president of his campus’s Turning Point USA chapter, will face Carmen Spicer, the Democratic nominee, in November’s general election. (Newsweek)