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Friday, April 11, 2014

On My "Virtual Mad Dash" w/MOOCS: Brief Thoughts 4 The Day

As I have been able to "breath", I have been tending to a course I'm working on at edX and one at NovoEd.  Both are fun, challenging and at the same time at times tough to keep up!!

The one @ NovoEd is one that I continue to be fascinated about with its' focus on Enterpeneship.   Whenever I have been on the NovoEd Campus, I have been blown away by the active students online at any one time.   The average number of students have been over 12,000 students every time I've been "on Campus".      The next few days and weeks will be quite challenging with the upcoming projects.  It is bound to be exciting.

Beyond the adventure @ NovoEd, there is the on-going adventure @ edX with the Learning by Giving Foundation Class.   I have just started Lesson 2 on the criteria developed--and have nominated an organization that I hope is given due consideration.   I will be keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Onward :-)

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