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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Daily Challenges on the Education Front: Brief Thoughts On The Evolution & A "Daily Diary" On My MOOC Experience

I began the evening making the rounds on the "Social Grid" working away.    As I have continued to make headway on my quarterly Professional Development Work in NovoEd & edX, I continue to reflect upon the evolution of the "Virtual Education Model" and how I can continue to adjust to stay relevant.

I worked on both classes today as I finished Lesson 2 on The Learning For Giving Class on edX and gear up for the Peer Review Process that is due by May 2.   I have submitted my Grant Application--having nominated the Orange County Council-Boy Scouts of America.  It was a challenging experience in that it was the actual first time I had ever worked on a Grant Application.   This was as I finished Module 2 in NovoEd's "Lead like an Entrepreneur"  by submitting an Elevator Pitch for an idea I've had for some time.

As I have tended to these two projects,  what  I saw on TED was quite insightful on the evolution of teaching.   Please click here to watch the TED clip.    Education continues to evolve.    Will we have what it takes to really be as engaging though?

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