Sunday, December 7, 2014

View of the Week: Briefly re: "Rosewater"

Rosewater is a film directed by the Daily Show's Jon Stewart.   Jon Stewart is well known as the King of Fake News, yet his insights have been invaluable to shape the narrative about America and the World.

He decided to take on Roseweater, the story of Maziar Bahari.   As we here @ #Outsiders hope to release a column on it soon, we wanted to share this "View of the Week" on the thoughts at the time as we were able to attend a preview of it which featured a post show featuring Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari--hosted by Stephen Colbert: 

Post by Mike Pouraryan.

This is as negotiations continue with Iran on the Nuclear Question.    The yearning for peace is shared by many as epitomized by this collage put together by the team at the National Iranian American Council during Thankgiving in the United States: 

Will this transformation be realized? 

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