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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

View of the Week: On #Iran

As Iran and the United States with other of the powers continue their discussions on the nuclear question (which we comment on in the "ordinary faces" channel) it must be underscored how Iran's history is so rich and so powerful.    During the on-going research on the Grid, we saw examples of the beauty and the majesty of Iran.   The powerful role of Women in Ancient Persia is just example of it.   These are just two examples: 

  • Azad Delyami: She was a Persian Guerilla Commander Fighting the Arab Invaders of the Persian Empire which we will feature soon as part of our on-going deliberations on the "Education Road"

  •  Artimis:  She was "Admiral of the Fleet" of the Persian Empire during one of the major battles with Greece and the late Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, named the flagshiop of the Imperial Iranian Navy in her honor.     Her beauty and her courage is legendary which we also hope to underscore in future editions of the "View of the Week".
It is this heritage that is fascinating to study and research--one of the intiaitives we will be pursuing here in the "Education Road" #Outsider Channel   

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