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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Thought For the Week (Special Edition): On #Joy, #Happiness & #Hope

One of our regular features in our Twitter Feed is the thoughts courtesy of the team at Simple Truths.   Our team selected this we received as a special edition of "Thought for the Week" as we look to a new week.   This is as we have been reviewing distressing reports from Turkey on a recent explosion and as we have been seeing the challenging scene before us that is the US Election Season right now:

Simple Truths: small books. BIG IMPACT.
Top 4 Inspirational Videos
Millions of people have been touched by our inspiring videos. They will help you be your best self in all areas of your life. Check out some of our favorites now!

1. Finding Joy: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

Life can be complicated but happiness is really pretty simple. Discover your joy with this inspirational video and share it with others!
Finding Joy: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

2. 212 The Extra Degree

211° is nearly boiling...but raising the temperature that one extra degree means the difference between something that is very hot and something that generates enough force to power a machine. This simple metaphor can fuel our every endeavor–serving as a force that consistently pushes us to make the extra effort is everything we do. The one extra degree may be all that separates you from being great.
212 The Extra Degree

3. Learning to Dance in the Rain

No matter your season in life or the challenges you face, understanding the power of gratitude can change your life forever! Don't stop for the rain...just dance!
Learning to Dance in the Rain

4. The Power of Kindness

What's the most effective technique for transforming your life? Simple: just be a little kinder. Watch this touching video and pay it forward.
The Power of Kindness

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