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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

View of the Week: On Our Future

As our Final Week of the Quarter dawns, we wanted to begin by featuring this courtesy of the team at Futurism:

Reusable rockets are game changers. READ MORE
The world of science creates mysteries as fast as it solves them — and sometimes even faster. Here are just a few of those mysteries that are waiting to be solved. READ MORE
Several companies have used CRISPR to engineer phages to attack and kill antibiotic resistant bacteria; at least two approaches may be in clinical trials within 18 months. This will add a much needed weapon to the arsenal against superbugs. READ MORE
Google is on schedule to produce a 49 qubit chip and achieve quantum supremacy by the end of 2017. This is a critical step along the way to functional quantum computers that can achieve problems far beyond the capacity of traditional systems. READ MORE
The PAL-V will be the first flying car to hit the consumer market, with aims to reach customers by 2018. In competition with it are AeroMobil are Terrfugia, both of which are launching futuristic aero-vehicles. READ MORE
See Full Infographic
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