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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): On Virtual Education Platforms

As part of our broad objective to provide a platform for ideas and the latest that's out there, we are pleased to present this courtesy of the team at Desire2Learn--the company behind one of the leading Virtual Education Portals in the World adopted by leading educational institutions throughout the World:


Brightspace Update

See What’s New In Teaching & Learning This December

The Teaching & Learning Webinar Series is an excellent resource for educators to stay up to date on the latest best-practices, tips, and learning trends from our very own experts. Stay in the know and register for one of our upcoming webinar topics:
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A Checklist for Evaluating Time Flexibility in Online Courses
Research shows that time flexibility is the number one reason why students enroll in online courses. However, online learning is not inherently flexible; it needs to be designed that way. Our recent blog post—A Checklist for Evaluating Time Flexibility in Online Courses—looks at the most important factors to consider when designing your online course and how to incorporate flexibility at every turn.

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The Transition from Face-To-Face to Online Learning: Maintaining an Engaging Experience
Teaching face-to-face is a teaching style that we are all familiar (and comfortable) with.  But in today’s classroom, being able to teach fully online is a skill that some of us must adopt.  This article will provide you with some tips and tricks for taking a course from face-to-face to fully online without losing learner engagement and experience.

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Brightspace Feature Highlight: Tracking Learner Performance
Keeping track of your students’ progress and performance should be an easy task. With built-in learning analytics, Brightspace gives you the tools to track class progress, content completion, grades and more, so you can intervene when your students’ need help. See how Brightspace helps you spend less time making sense of learner data and more time helping students succeed.

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Waterloo Area's Top Employers 2018
At D2L, we love working with our customers and helping to transform the way the world learns.  We also love working in general because our corporate culture is built from collaboration, innovation, and forward movement. Today, we are excited to announce that we have been recognized as one of Waterloo Area's Top Employers (2018)!

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