Friday, December 1, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Special Edition): As a New Month Dawns...

It is December here in our Properties.   Please enjoy this selection on leadership that was featured on this week's Face The Nation we hope all enjoy:

We also hope all enjoy these courtesy of the team at Global Citizen:

Global Citizen Stories
This Girl Just Defied the Odds to Top Her Exams in Kenya
Goldalyn Kakuya beat 1 million other children in the exams, sending a strong message to others who are discriminated against for their disabilities.
Why Justin Trudeau Got Choked Up During His Speech
The Canadian prime minister was issuing an apology to children taken from their families and forced into state schools when he got emotional.
Why We’re So Excited for This Royal Power Couple
Meghan Markle stands up for gender equality and Prince Harry advocates for HIV/AIDS awareness. And that’s just the start.
This Model Just Broke Records at a Miss USA Pageant
Mikayla Holmgren won awards, standing ovations, and people’s hearts at the Miss Minnesota USA pageant last weekend.
‘How Are People Supposed to Poop?’
These kids imagine what life would be like without toilets – and they're not taking any crap.
Children Are Literally Dying Without Toilets
Without waste treatment, poop ends up in drinking water. That can cause fatal health issues like diarrhea, which kills 1,400 children every single day.

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