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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Notations From the Grid (W-End Edition): On The Prowl Celeberatng World Culture

 Today is Winter Solstice that Persian Speakers around the World celebrate--we hereby present a snapshot of Persian Culture we hope all find of interest....

We Welcome
Chef Yavar Gharibi
Episode 32 - Sushi Style "Baghali Polow" by Yavar Gharibi
This week we travel to Vancouver, British Columbia and visit private Chef Yavar Gharibi's kitchen to learn about his inventive recipe for "Baghali Polow" (Fava Bean and Dill Rice with Lamb Shank).

Chef Yavar is extremely passionate about presenting Iranian cuisine with innovative and modern techniques, all while still preserving the traditional flavors and authentic roots of each dish. "Baghali Polow" is one of his all-time favorite Iranian dishes, and he has chosen to present it in two formats today, one inspired by Japanese sushi as an appetizer and one as a plated main course.
Chef Yavar Gharibi
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