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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Notations From the Grid (Special Weekly Edition) : Out & About With Initiatives At hand...

 As a new week dawns, we present some #RandomThoughts on our World and also a preview of a new initiative we're working to get off the ground to get a sense of what we look forward to rolling out:

June's Top Bookshelf Builders

  1. Jonathan A at One World Direct tagged 104 books.
  2. Dennis L at Impact Plus tagged 55 books. 
  3. Samuel C in Scaling Up Coaches tagged 36 books.
  4. Mac M at Pro Food Systems tagged 34 books.
  5. Amber D at Judd Shall Law tagged 27 books.
  6. Steve F in Scaling Up Coaches tagged 27 books.
  7. Tyler C at Carlton Electric tagged 18 books.
  8. Conner D at Impact Plus tagged 16 books.
  9. Donna W at Cosmos Corp tagged 14 books.
  10. Hanna W at Impact Plus tagged 14 books.
More info for June...
2,773 total 'books tagged', 361 books 'added to queue', and 520 'reports approved' throughout the BetterBookClub Nation.
Recent User Q&A about BetterBookClub
Q. Why do some books in my profile have a Grey Box Background?
Books with a 'grey' background in your profile are "on your bookshelf", but not "in the company library".  You can "suggest" the book to your company library by clicking the "+" symbol on the tile.  Your club champion/admin will be notified of the suggestion and can accept or decline.

Q. Can points be changed on a book report post its approval?
While the club champion can modify points assigned to a specific book in the club library at any time, once an individual book report is approved, the points awarded to the team member can not be altered.

Q. Can the content of a book report be edited post its approval?
While only recommended for small technical changes, Yes. Club champions can edit the contents of a team member's book report prior to, or post its approval from the book report console.

"A reading culture is not about your team reading 'a book', it’s about your team becoming readers."


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