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Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On Traffic Safety ((Courtesy VisionZero))


August 2021 Vision Zero e-News

In this month’s Vision Zero Network e-newsletter, read the breaking news that Congress has introduced its first-ever recognition of the need for a national Zero Traffic Deaths commitment and plan...and more.

BREAKING NEWS: National Vision Zero Goal Introduced in Congress

Last week, members of Congress introduced the first-ever Resolution proposing a national goal of Zero Traffic Deaths by 2050. This is an encouraging sign of the growth and visibility of our – your! – advocacy work to shift our everyday transportation system to one that prioritizes safe mobility for all. If you’re not happy with the status quo of 42,060 preventable traffic deaths a year in the U.S., then please join us in calling for change. Read about the Resolution.

Is Your Representative Supporting Vision Zero or Not?

We need your help on three specific actions – more here. Big thanks to the Zero Traffic Deaths Resolution sponsors Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) and Representative Jan Schakowsky (IL) for their leadership. Now, let’s find out if your national representatives are on board or not….and if not, give them a nudge here.

Worth a Watch: Changing the National Conversation on Speed, Safe Systems

If there’s one issue we need a major overhaul on to reach Vision Zero, it’s managing speeds for safety. Despite many proven strategies to do just that, many U.S. communities hold back on this life-saving approach because they’re hampered by outdated “standards” and/or because they lack political will to change the status quo. All of that can – and should – change. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can make change, especially at the local level, we recommend this important roundtable discussion hosted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in late July.
This is part of a series of roundtable discussions that NTSB is hosting to explore and promote the Safe System approach, which underlies Vision Zero. Our staff was honored to participate in the early July discussion about shifting to a Safe System – check out our key takeaways. And watch for more soon on this important topic from NTSB.

Welcome to Newly Recognized Vision Zero Cities!

We’re excited to cheer on the cities of Alameda and Berkeley, California, who we’ve recognized as Vision Zero cities thanks to their work developing measurable plans and priorities that align with the Safe System approach, including emphasizing equity and speed management. Find out more about how we recognize communities for their Vision Zero work here. And thanks to the patience of others who’ve shared their Vision Zero progress – we’ll get back to you soon!


Changing Deadly Streets: Learn the Facts to Stop Designing Streets that Kill Pedestrians

Thursday, August 12, 2021 @ Noon – 1 pm PT / 3 pm – 4 pm ET

People are dying and suffering severe injuries at record numbers every day in our communities – simply while trying to walk somewhere. We can predict, to a surprising extent, who and where and why. And we can prevent their deaths and injuries, largely by changing the designs of streets, the speeds we encourage people to drive at, and other feasible design and policy decisions. 
Join us to hear key findings from a study that identified the top fatal pedestrian crash “hot spots” in the U.S. and learn that these are not random – they occurred disproportionately in low-income communities and communities of color. Transportation agencies can identify these types of roadway corridors and can take actions to make them safer, even if they haven’t experienced high numbers of pedestrian fatalities yet. Register here.

Exploring the Future of Autonomous Driving & Vision Zero

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 @ 10 am – 11 am PT / 1 pm – 2 pm ET

We invite Vision Zero champions to join us in talking with leaders in the AV world about critical traffic safety priorities and plans. We see value in expanding communication and understanding between these two growing realms – particularly around safety goals – and we welcome your questions and ideas. 
We’ll be joined by leaders at AV companies Waymo & Cruise, and PAVE, a coalition of partners dedicated to educating the public and policymakers about automated vehicles. Register here.

Re-thinking the Role of Enforcement in Traffic Safety Work: Our Roles within Vision Zero

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 @ 10 am – 11 am PT / 1 pm – 2 pm ET

Recognizing and addressing inequities and injustices in traffic safety efforts must be a priority in Vision Zero work. To this end, many communities are re-thinking the traditional role of enforcement in traffic safety work. We invite you to two upcoming discussions to support critical thinking about – and actions – to ensure Vision Zero efforts are both effective and equitable.
In this first conversation, we will reflect on ways that our work within traditional traffic safety models – particularly related to law enforcement and the criminal justice system – perpetuates unjust and unsafe systems for people of color and low-income people. And, we’ll discuss ways to adjust your Vision Zero efforts for positive change. Register here.

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