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Sunday, April 20, 2014

On the MOOC Trail: Brief Thoughts

As I reflected upon a week-end of collaboration, I saw this which I got this morning over E-Mail:

Sunrise Inspiration from
“The larger the island of knowledge,
the longer the shoreline of wonder.”
Ralph W. Stockman

It was  an insightful week as I collaborated closely with my team @ NovoEd on our Experience with teams.  I continue to be ever more amazed as to my daily visits and how over 12,000 people are active at any one time working away on the insightful course that Babson has sponsored: Lead Like an Entrepreneur.      I have also been amazed by our team as we can together from France, Spain, Germany , Pakistan and the United States to collaborate and discuss our Elevator Pitches and put together the project that was quite insightful on Teamwork.   It has been quite a journey so far!!!

I have also continued to be amazed by the edX course sponsored by the Learning By Giving Foundation.    The Hard Work is ahead in providing Evaluations of Nominated Organizations.   I am keeping my fingers crossed for my nominated organization:  Boy Scouts of America Orange County Council.  For me, it was quite insightful in that it was actually the first time I had experienced writing a Grant Request and I was frankly shocked when my nomination was accepted.    Maybe a sign of better things to come.

I am ever so cognizant of Stockman's admonition as I continue onward with this journey and other projects before me.   It is bound to be ever more interesting.   

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