Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hitting the Ground Running w/this "thought 4 the Week" :-)

Persistence will get you there

Every success story is a story of persistence. No matter where you start, with enough persistence you can reach the goal.
Persistence is not particularly glamorous or exciting. Yet the results of persistence can be truly amazing.
Persistence is not always easy, though it is always accessible. Once you’ve made the effort you can continue making the effort, and that’s what will make the difference.
You may not get very many lucky breaks. Yet every single day you will get the opportunity to persist, so take that opportunity and run with it.
It’s completely understandable that you will, from time to time, feel like giving up. It’s also absolutely possible to let go of that dejected feeling, and to replace it with an even stronger desire to persist no matter what.
Every turn of events is an opportunity to keep going. Take that opportunity, and with persistence you’ll get yourself all the way there.
— Ralph Marston

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