Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On the Eve of "Back To School" For Children....

The folks @ Techlicious do a fantastic job on putting together ideas to make lives in the Virtual World a lot easier than it seems.     This latest outreach they did as all gear up for children going back to school is in this tradition.     It must be noted that there are billions of APPS out there and many being developed all the time.   This is a sample of nice, nifty tools that could insure that children are able to leverage the power of Technology to their benefit as they continue on their "Education Road": 

Inexpensive & incredibly useful apps for students (and parents. too!)

When I went to school, smartphones, tablets and laptops hadn't yet been invented. But I sure wish they had—these six apps and plugins would have made my life much more productive. Now I'm downloading them for my kids, and you should too, including:
  • A web browser add-on that helps my kids save research for their reports, along with proper citation information
  • The best free Microsoft Office alternative
  • A digital planner for my kids to keep track of assignments and class schedules.
  • An app that specializes in taking pictures of whiteboards
  • Plus a free tool that lets you annotate and share PDF documents.
Better yet, the apps are all free or just a couple of bucks. And if you have a little more to spend, you can even get a program that will record and transcribe all of your class lectures!

Check out all these top picks for must-have back to school apps in our story on Techlicious.

Suzanne Kantra
Founder, Techlicious

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