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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Notations On Our World: Interesting Times on #PC & #TECH

With the advent of the iPAD Pro announced by Tim Cook, the question of the death of the PC has become yet again centerstage:

Tim Cook declares the death of the PC

Apple boss Tim Cook asks why anyone would buy a PC any more ahead of iPad Pro going on sale.

 Our team has decided to pursue this as one of the projects for our Education Channel.    

Beyond the PC itself, there is the issue of the Tech Bubble which we have been assessing for quite sometime.   This telling chart from the team @ Business Insider caught our eye with the interesting notations that is noted to underscore it all: 
If you think we're in a tech bubble, look at this chart of Internet company stocks 

If we're in a tech bubble, how come investors in Internet companies are getting cleaned out?

As this chart from Statista shows, most of the big Internet companies lost at least 25% of their value between April 30th and September 30th. The losers include Snapchat, which is still privately held, but which big investor Fidelity marked down 25% during that period.

The big exceptions are the two most dominant Internet companies, Google (now Alphabet) and Facebook, both of which gained about 14%.

This suggests that tech investors Sam Altman and Marc Andreessen may be right — we're actually in the middle of a long tech bust. The only tech companies that are overvalued are a handful of late-stage, privately held companies that are taking their sweet time in going public, and are raising rounds that look like equity but are really structured more like debt.

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With the changes at HP, Dell/EMC Merger, the struggles at Yahoo, the mark down by Fidelity, The Cisco/Ericsson "Near Merger" and the emergence of the Chinese Giants, it is bound to be quite a challenging 2016 as we look to that year.     We found this especially poignant that Marc Andressen has been selling Facebook shares, Media Companies are trying to be interent companies and now T-Mobile officially being a Cable Company.     

It is Dizzying.....


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