Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): The latest From @TED

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05:10 minutes · Filmed Feb 2019 · Posted Feb 2019 · The Way We Work
What makes a company a great place to work? Patty McCord, the iconic former chief talent officer at Netflix, shares the 8 insights that led her to toss the HR handbook out the window -- and to help build a company culture based on trust and respect. Watch now »


Amazing, creative homes

New buildings -- and new ways of living -- from all over the world. Watch »
10 TED Talks to browse • Total run time 2:04:30


What if we could capture pollution in the air around us and turn it into something useful? Inventor Anirudh Sharma shares how he created AIR-INK, a deep black ink that's made from PM 2.5 pollution. See how he hacked together a clever way to capture these tiny particles -- and make the world just a little bit cleaner in the process. Watch »

You know the "forgotten middle": they're the students, coworkers and regular people, neither stars nor problems, who are so often overlooked. Sharing her work helping young people get to and through college, Danielle R. Moss challenges us to think deeper about how to encourage people in the middle to dream big. Watch »

There's no better way to stop a disease than to catch and treat it early. That's the whole point of medical screenings like radiography, MRIs and blood tests. But there's one that's overlooked: screening your breath. Technologist Julian Burschka shares the latest in the growing science of breath analysis, and shows how it could become a powerful tool to detect disease. Watch »

Is women's sexuality more complicated than men's? Well, not really, no, says author Sarah Barmak. In this frank, eye-opening talk, she shows how a flawed understanding of the female body has shaped this discussion for centuries. She debunks some age-old myths (you're welcome) and offers a richer definition of pleasure that gets closer to the simple truth about women's sexuality. Watch »

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