Sunday, March 29, 2020

Notations From The Grid (Special Quarter-End Edition): On #LifeIntheTimesofCorona

Our World has transformed.  As we note a snapshot of the challenging weeks we've had, we present one of the most insightful weekly analysis courtesy the team at the Economist of London as we note #WeWillGetThroughThisTogether & we remind all to heed warnings to #StayHomeAndStaySafe: 

The Economist this week 
 Our coverage of the new coronavirus 
 Welcome to this week’s newsletter highlighting the best of our coverage on covid-19. In an issue dominated by the disease, we had two covers. In most of the world we looked at the spread of the virus in poor countries. So far, recorded cases are few. But make no mistake: they are mounting and societies are terrifyingly underprepared.
In America and Britain we wrote about how the pandemic has led to the most dramatic increase in state power since the second world war. For believers in limited government and open markets, covid-19 poses a problem. Only the state can deal with this crisis. Yet history suggests that the state will not give up all the ground it takes—with implications for the economy and surveillance.

We develop those themes in this issue. We have in-depth reporting on the threat from the disease in Africa. We also examine the use of personal data to enforce quarantines, track the epidemic and pounce on new outbreaks. We look at how wars and the Depression led to a permanently bigger state with many more powers and responsibilities, and the taxes to pay for them. We describe the unprecedented global collaboration among medics searching for the best way to treat the disease. We look at how China is slowly returning to normal. And for all those long-suffering workers stuck at home, our Bartleby columnist shares the pain.

We have also been reporting on the disease on Economist radio and in Economist films. This week we highlight our science podcast, Babbage. It features items on how some people with covid-19 lose their sense of smell, the scramble to make ventilators and the effect of the pandemic on the environment.

We hope that our coverage helps make you better informed, and your isolation more tolerable.
  Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-In-Chief 
 Editor’s picks 
 Must-reads from our recent coverage 
Continental contagion
Africa is woefully ill-equipped to cope with covid-19

People cannot stay away from work if they have no money
Middle East and Africa
Creating the coronopticon
Countries are using apps and data networks to keep tabs on the pandemic

And also, in the process, their citizens
Building up the pillars of state
Rich countries try radical economic policies to counter covid-19

History suggests that the effects will be permanent
Stop, collaborate and listen
Crowdsourcing to fight covid-19

Many trials are under way to find the best treatment
The post-virus economy
China goes back to work

But not back to normal
Diary of a home worker

The challenges of concentrating during a lockdown
Sniffing out the answer—understanding the symptoms of covid-19

Our weekly podcast on the science and technology making the news
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