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Friday, August 14, 2020

View of the Week (Weekly Edition): A Window Into Our World

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We Welcome
Episode 18 - Yazd's "Shooli" by Chef Elehe Mirafzali
This week #FarhangFlavor travels back to Iran for the very first time to visit the exceptionally beautiful and historic city of Yazd, where we meet with the talented chef Elehe Mirafzali (aka @Latir.Baking on Instagram).

Chef Mirafzali, who is passionate about the history, traditions, and especially the cuisine of Yazd teaches us about the famous Yazdi "Shooli" soup and the much loved and lesser-known "Moshtok" appetizer. Please join us in welcoming this talented chef to the series and enjoy this visit to Yazd with Chef Mirafzali.
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