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Monday, February 8, 2021

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition); On the Week that Was Courtesy the Visual Capitalist


Mapped: The Wealthiest Billionaire in Each U.S. State in 2021

Alongside Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who are the richest people in the U.S.? This map reveals the wealthiest billionaire in each U.S. state.

The Crazy World of Stonks Explained

Stocks like GameStop had a wild ride last week, with Robinhood suspending purchases. How did it all happen in the crazy world of stonks?

Visualizing Asset Class Correlation Over 25 Years (1996-2020)

To minimize volatility, it's important to consider asset class correlation. Learn how correlation has changed over time depending on macroeconomic events.

How Heart Health Can Keep Your Portfolio Beating

Through thematic investing strategies lies an opportunity to invest in a long-term, powerful trend that impacts nearly one in two people: heart health.

9 Things Investors Should Know About the Cannabis Industry

This graphic provides an overview of 9 key developments in the cannabis industry that investors should be aware of going into 2021.

Stock Market Basics: How Do Investors Choose Stocks?

This animation explains the basics of stock trading and touches on some strategies investors use to pick which stocks to purchase.

This Week's Flashback Favorites:

Median Age of the Population in Every Country

How do countries around the world compare in terms of age? This compelling visualization shows the median age for every country in the world.

Originally from April 2019

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