Monday, March 29, 2021

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition) : Out & About with the Week That Was....

We present a snapshot of the week that was courtesy the team at the Visual Capitalist on a snapshot of our World as we await a new quarter of service:

Who Americans Spend Their Time With, by Age

Ever wondered who Americans spend the most time with? This chart assesses how many minutes per day Americans spend with different people.

Suez Canal: Critical Waterway Comes to a Halt

The Suez Canal is an important waterway, connecting trade between Asia and Europe. Here are the details surrounding its blockage.

Gen Z Unemployment Rate, Compared to Older Generations

COVID-19 has impacted us all, but Gen Z has been particularly hit hard when it comes to work. We visualize the Gen Z unemployment rate.

The Rise of Women on Boards of Directors Worldwide

The representation of women on boards of directors is a mixed bag. This graphic looks at the 10-year trend of women on corporate boards.

How to Invest in the Multi-Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Boom

Global infrastructure needs amount to $94 trillion by 2040. Here's how to take advantage of infrastructure investments in your own portfolio.

The Most Used Languages on the Internet

Online content is created and consumed by people all across the globe, but a handful of languages dominate the digital world.

This Week's Flashback Favorites:

The 50 Biggest Video Game Franchises by Total Revenue

Video games generate billions in revenue every year. Where the majority of this revenue comes from, however, may be surprising to you.

Originally from March 2020

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