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Monday, February 28, 2022

Notations From the Grid (Special Month-End Edition): #RandomThoughts While Out & About in our World

 We present a series of curated thoughts on our World courtesy of the Team at the Visual Capitalist and the Association of the United States Army:

Cpl. William (Bill) Ralph Blass, U.S. Army (1943-1945)

  • At the young age of 15, he sewed and sold evening gowns to a New York manufacturer for $25 a pop.
  • At seventeen, he had enough money to move to Manhattan and study fashion at the Parson’s School of Design
  • One year later, he was the first man to win Mademoiselle’s Design for Living award.In
  • 1942, Blass enlisted in the U.S. Army. Recognized for his talents, he was assigned to the 603rd Camouflage Division, a top-secret division that was part of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops.
  • Read more.

1792 – The Postal Service Act, establishing the United States Post Office Department, is signed by President George Washington
President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act into law on February 20, 1792.  This legislation established the United States Post Office as a permanent part of the Federal Government of the United States of America.  The significance of the Postal Act was the establishment of a free press, personal privacy and national growth. Read more.

Mapped: 200 Years of Political Regimes, by Country

Only 93 countries enjoy a basic level of democratic rights as of 2020.

Find out how political regimes have changed over 200 years.
View Interactive Map

Comparing the Carbon Footprint of Transportation Options

What's the lowest-carbon way to travel? Here's the carbon footprint of transportation for different types of vehicles.

The Number of EV Models Will Double by 2024

As legacy automakers transition to full electric, buyers in the U.S. can expect a wave of new EV models to arrive soon.

50 Years of Doping Scandals at the Winter Olympics

Since 1968, there have been 89 positive doping cases at the Winter Olympics. Here we visualize the 50 years of doping scandals at the Games.

Chart: Interest Rates Fall Decades After Pandemics

While rate hikes are imminent in the short term, historical data shows that real interest rates tend to decline after pandemics for nearly 40 years.

Breaking Down the Earth's Irrecoverable Carbon

The Earth's ecosystems contain 139 billion tonnes of irrecoverable carbon. What is irrecoverable carbon, and where is it found?

The Future of Global Coal Production (2021-2024F)

Coal came under scrutiny for its high carbon emissions at COP26, but many countries are forecasted to increase coal production until 2024.

The Evolution of Institutional ETF Use Cases

From complementing derivatives to bond sourcing, we show a growing set of ETF use cases over the last several decades.

Explainer: A Visual Introduction to Fed Tapering

Broadly speaking, Fed tapering is the reversal of quantitative easing. We show the history of Federal Reserve bond tapering and how it works.

Ranked: The Life Expectancy of Humans and Other Animals

Human life expectancy is more than twice as long as it was in the 19th century. How do our lifespans rank compared to 49 other animals?

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