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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

On Our Virtual Route 66 As A New Month Dawns


We present a compilation of #RandomThoughts as we look forward to the privilege to serve: 

Kappa Delta Pi
New Teacher Community
Mental Health: What our Schools Need Next.
05-24 03:06 PM ET
COVID and mental health: What our schools need next Tickets, Wed, Jun 1, 2022 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite more
Open Forum
Talking to Children About School Shootings
attachment  Michelle Melani wrote on 05-27 01:44 PM ET
The Coalition to Support Grieving Students shared with us this guide on how to talk to children about tragic events, such as shootings and terrorist attacks. The attached 2-page guide addresses common questions that a lot of adults have on how to properly support the children in their care and how... more | view attachment
Webinar 6/2
Jerome Goff wrote on 05-27 05:30 PM ET
Join KDP for our upcoming webinar: How New Teachers Can Reach Students in All Learning Environments. Thursday, June 2 at 6:00 p.m. (EDT) What a roller coaster teachers have been on for the past 3 years! As a new teacher, how will you reach your students in such environments and, more importantly,... more
Christopher Taylor wrote on 05-26 09:28 AM ET
Good morning. I am in the process of studying and preparing for the CAPACE. I am looking for recommendations to assist with the preparation. I am not enrolled in any coursework as I already have a Master's in administration, as well as an EdS. I am merely looking to formalize my ability to become... more
Survey Participants Needed
Sylvia Bull wrote on 05-26 08:37 AM ET
Hi All! I am currently working on my Doctorate in Educational Leadership and due to some technical difficulties, my IRB application was lost on the internet for almost a month. That means I need some help getting responses for my survey. To complete a survey about leadership competencies, I am... more
Torialyn Crook replied on 05-27 08:40 AM ET
Hi Sylvia, I will be happy to complete your survey. I am doctoral candidate as well in the same stage so I definitely can relate! Sincerely, Torialyn more
Sylvia Bull replied on 05-27 09:05 AM ET
Thanks, Torialyn! And feel free to invite any other educators you know to complete the survey. more
Research in an International Setting
McHale Davis wrote on 05-25 09:21 AM ET
Does anyone have any tip on writing a research proposal involving a country that has limited educational research? more
James Etim replied on 05-26 09:17 AM ET
One of the things you may want to begin with is to have a contact person in the country that you wish to complete the study.  The individual should be in the educational system- a K-12 teacher or principal or someone in the university. Think also of a collaboration with this individual. Such... more
McHale Davis replied on 05-26 09:24 AM ET
Sound advice - thanks @James Etim ​ more
Mental Health: What our Schools Need Next.
Jerome Goff wrote on 05-24 03:02 PM ET
COVID and mental health: What our schools need next Tickets, Wed, Jun 1, 2022 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite more
Webinar Thursday by Teacher Advocate author
Phil Kitchel wrote on 05-24 01:35 PM ET
Our presenter Dr. Jeanne Qvarnstrom  conducted a survey of more than 100 teachers, and she will discuss the positive student behaviors most commonly identified by those teachers for promoting a culture of caring. Read the article here: 4 Student Behaviors That Matter Then register for the webinar... more
IRB Application.
Carine McDonald wrote on 05-24 08:19 AM ET
I had my IRB application returned because they needed additional information on how I will address biases/ conflict of interest when conducting research in my workplace when the participants are my peers. I will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Carine Sent from the all new AOL app for iOS more
Lillie Seal replied on 05-25 08:21 AM ET
For my dissertation, I discussed making sure to rely on data to remain impartial. Also I said adhering to all district and institutional policies, ensuring all identifiable information was removed, and clearly identifying roles and expectations. That was enough for my reviewer. I hope this helps! more
Carine McDonald replied on 05-25 09:19 PM ET
Thank you Lillie for your input. I really appreciate it.  Carine more
Kathryn Tomlinson replied on 05-26 05:52 PM ET
If your study is qualitative, you may want to research "bracketing". I was able to justify my approach by offering this method for reducing bias. Best of Luck to You! more
Carine McDonald replied on 05-27 08:28 AM ET
Thank you Katheryn. I will look into it. Carine more
5 Strategies to Enhance Substitute Teaching
Jerome Goff wrote on 05-23 01:59 PM ET
5 Strategies to Enhance Substitute Teaching more
Re: Teacher Dream Job
Jerome Goff started thread
David Nino replied on 05-25 11:39 AM ET
My dream teaching job is to teach in Higher education. I completed my EdD. last year and with 20+ years in the classroom I would love to move on to the college level. more
Venecia Whyte-Foster replied on 05-26 09:25 AM ET
I would love to teach at the higher education level. I have over 15 years in K12 and I am excited about making a change. I was an instructor at a university before I moved, and I would love to go back to that level of education. more
Library Entries
Guidelines for Talking to Kids About Attacks.docx
Michelle Melani shared on 05-27 01:36 PM ET
  Standard File Upload with 1 file
Jug ’n Funnel: The Role of a Mentor in Your First Year
Phil Kitchel published on 05-24 06:00 AM ET
As a new teacher, you may enter the field fully certified and prepared for your job, but no amount of classroom or even clinical experience fully prepares you for your first real teaching assignment. The first year in the classroom is a unique extension of your teacher preparation program, and you... more
When Trauma Enters the Classroom
Phil Kitchel published on 05-27 12:26 PM ET

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