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Monday, May 1, 2023

On Our Weekly "Route 66" (M-End Edition): #RandomThoughts


Sunday Digest: Last Week's Infographics

Here are all the new infographics from last week in one easy place! 
How Smart is ChatGPT?

We visualize the performance of ChatGPT in various professional and academic exams, highlighting the improvements of GPT-4 over GPT-3.5.

Which Countries are Granted the Most New Patents?

Which countries, and technologies, are being granted the most new patents? This graphic visualizes patent grants by country of origin.

Ranked: The Most Expensive Sports Team Sales in History

How does the $6.1 billion Washington Commanders sale measure up against the most expensive sports team sales in history?

Mapped: The State of Democracy Around the World

How many countries globally are true democracies? This map showcases the state of democracy in every country worldwide.

How Gen Z Feels About Its Financial Future

Despite the looming uncertainty, members of Gen Z maintains an optimistic outlook about their financial future.

200 Years of Global Gold Production, by Country

Global gold production has grown exponentially since the 1800s, with 86% of all above-ground gold mined in the last 200 years.

Visualizing the Biomass of All the World's Mammals

When the world's biomass—the stuff we're made of—is tallied up, humans and cattle outweigh wild mammals by a massive margin.

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