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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On the Prowl For the Day: A "Newsflash" From Germany

We here @ "Outsiders" were amazed when we saw this from Germany courtesy of Professor Turley:


Germany Abolishes Tuition For University Students

by jonathanturley
Coat_of_arms_of_Germany.svg220px-LinusPaulingGraduation1922Germany has long shown far greater foresight than the United States in the investment into science, infrastructure, and alternative energy -- investments that are now giving the country huge returns as a leading economic system. With a decision of Lower Saxony, the German have now shown precisely how serious they are about keeping the country as one of the most educated in the world: they have eliminated all college and university tuition. The Germans view education as not just a right, but an essential component for continued growth.

This is quite an indictment of the state of education in the United States today.  It is part of why this Channel was launched to get a sense of what is going on around the World and in turn assess a sense of transformation that is necessary for change in our World Today.


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