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Sunday, October 4, 2015

View of the Week (weekend edition) : On Water Scarcity

Our team continues to assess the issue of climate change on an on-going basis.   We decided to feature this from the team at Stratfor for this special edition of "View of the week" on this very interesting and timely educational outreach we received.     It is quite timely especially as many regions around the World have been dealing with a prolonged drought:

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“Climate change” is a politically charged phrase in some parts of the world – but whether you believe in the concept or not, there’s one indisputable fact: Many countries today are struggling with increasing water stress or outright scarcity of fresh water.
The causes are many – ranging from prolonged drought to expanding populations or growing industrial uses. The solutions are few, but there are some promising concepts.

Download this free slide show to learn more about this critical issue, including:
  • What are common contributors to water stress and scarcity?
  • What are the most common impacts of freshwater shortages?
  • Will water eventually be traded like other commodities, including energy?
  • What are the most feasible solutions – and who stands to benefit?

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