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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On Quite a World....

Starting to fulfill a dream is not easy as our journey began with a simple idea to help change the conversation about our World and to help transform it all for the sake of the future.    

In our Forays around the "Grid", we picked this up courtesy of @larrykim who we view as he shared a dose of a reality check about what is at hand as we have truly tried to embrace some of his admonitions here: 

This is as we wanted to remind all that the art of the possible can be before us becuase we need to remember that these as Vala Afshar of SalesForce reminded us did not even exist 15 years ago:

The question, though, is maintaining a sense of humanity throughout it all as we are witness to the transformation at hand because we just went through Black Friday, Cyber Monday which among other things catapulted Jezz Bezos to be the first $ 100 Billion Dollar Man: 

What is important, though, to note with the chart above is about how many of these big players today must run scared and hungry all the time!!!

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