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Monday, May 16, 2022

On Our "Virtual Route 66" Around The World This Week

We present the following as we look forward to further curation and development work:


Mysterious monuments from around the worldLooking for fun things to explore during your summer vacation time or just looking to broaden your knowledge on interesting and historic sites around the world? Check out these mysterious monuments from around the world as you plan your travels so you can explore and have fun this summer. From Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plane of Southern England to Easter Island off the coast of Chili, there are fascinating places all around the world to add to your bucket list. Read more.

Teddy Roosevelt in front of Yosemite Falls

Teddy Roosevelt and the Surprising Roots of the National Governors Association

During his presidency, Roosevelt did more to conserve America’s natural resources and its places of special beauty than any other president. He convened state executives to aid in the cause, which led him to create the NGA.


A distorted image of a lock on a cartoon computer screen

Local Governments Seek Other Options Amid Cyber Insurance Woes

As insurance costs and requirements rise, some municipalities are looking to self-insurance and service providers’ cyber incident warranties to help in cases of ransomware and other incidents.


Low water levels on Lake Mead

What Is Dead Pool? A Water Expert Explains

The Colorado River provides water and electricity to 40 million people in the western US, but falling water levels threaten both of those resources.



Another Look: Why the Concept of Induced Demand Is a Hard Sell

Both the public and policymakers have trouble understanding why building more roads and highways does not reduce congestion.


Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, Montaigne’s Rival

What sets apart Francis Bacon, Danny Heitman writes in this essay, is his inquiring mind. Unlike the confessional Montaigne, Bacon shared few personal details in his writing. But the essayist’s insistence on reason and observation shapes how we still think about the sciences and their role in society. 

High tech

What is artificial intelligence, or AI? How does it affect our daily life? In this new lexicon, Swati Srivastava defines a handful of AI terms, examining how these tools are changing the way we search for information, apply for loans, even move about our homes.  

Valerie Boyd

In this essay, Eugene Holley Jr. remembers biographer Valerie Boyd and her award-winning book on Zora Neale Hurston, which Alice Walker called “the standard for years to come.” Boyd, who passed away in February, had a gift for bringing people to life on the page. As Boyd put it, “every character has a story, every person in the room has a voice. 

9 to 5: The Story of a Movement

In the early 1970s, a group of Boston secretaries formed 9to5, organizing for better pay, opportunities to advance, and an end to workplace harassment. Featuring 9to5’s founders, and actor and activist Jane Fonda, this NEH-funded film examines the untold story of the movement that inspired Dolly Parton’s classic song and women in the workforce across the country. 9to5 is now streaming on PBS and Netflix.

Soul of the Nation_May

White House “Soul of the Nation” Gospel Concert

Produced through a partnership between the White House, NEH, and TV One, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden joined gospel artists, the Morehouse Glee Club, and Bishop William Murphy III for a special concert to celebrate Black History Month.

Originally airing in February 2022, the event is now streaming on Cleo TV and the NEH website.


Our Major Minor Voices

Season three of the Queens Memory Podcast, “Our Major Minor Voices,” features the stories of Asian-American residents of the New York City borough. Each episode tells a story of identity and belonging, including eight bilingual episodes, documenting the ever-evolving community as it is today.

The podcast is now streaming on all platforms.


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