Monday, April 27, 2015

Notations For the Day: A Potential Employment Opportunity (A New Feature)

We here @ #outsiders wanted to introduce a new feature here in #Outsiders:   Potential Job Opportunities.     For this, we wanted to share this courtesy of Work for Progress Jobs which we here at #Outsiders periodically receive updates on.    

An Excerpt of the Bulletin is noted below and further information can be accessed by clicking on the link below.  The position is in Washington D.C: 

Bring Down The Cost Of Higher Education, Fellowship Position

Higher education in America continues to be critical for both individual success and the social and economic health of our country. While college attendance rates have grown over the past two decades, state appropriations and federal aid have failed to keep pace with the rising cost of college, shifting more costs to students. As a result, more students than ever must rely on student loans to pay for a college degree, with the average borrower now graduating with more than $29,000 in loan debt.

Heavy student loan debt carries negative consequences for borrowers, who must make monthly payments with their hard-earned dollars rather than save up and get ahead. High debt can affect where graduates live, the kind of careers they pursue, when they start a family or purchase a home, and whether they can save for retirement.

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