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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The "Job Corner": An Opportunity To Join Organizaing For Action

Organizing for Action
We're looking to train the change makers of tomorrow.

Does that sound like someone you know? If so, send them here to apply to be an OFA Summer Organizing Fellow.

"Learn by doing" is a time-tested way to train future grassroots leaders. It's what our amazing class of spring fellows is doing right now. These folks are spreading the word in their communities about issues like climate change and immigration reform, working with community leaders, setting up events, and recruiting volunteers to make real progress locally through legislative action.

Those are valuable skills every great organizer needs. And that's how we build a movement that's capable of winning change for decades to come.

We pride ourselves on extending our training resources at no cost to organizers across the country. That includes our bilingual fellowship, our campus organizing program, and our women's leadership program.

In fact, when we surveyed our fellows last year, we found that 61 percent are women, and 56 percent are people of color.

OFA's signature fellowship program is one of the best ways out there to get involved in progressive grassroots organizing, so pass this application along -- or apply yourself:



Ashley Pinedo
National Training Director
Organizing for Action

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