Sunday, July 5, 2015

Notations For the Week-End: "Tips Of the Week" To Share

As we gear up for a very busy month throughout the #Outsiders Properties,  our team was assessing all the latest it had received from the multitude of sources.  For this edition here, the team settled on some ideas courtesy of the team @ which our team consults regularly.    The ideas are quite timely and engaging for all to take advantage of--and of course some timely and interesting advise from the ever insightful John Maxwell:

50 Ways to Win in Business
50 Ways to Win in Business
Celebrate your independence this Fourth of July with 50 tips to make your business better from Dave and business coaches Chris Hogan and Christy Wright.
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How to Leave a Legacy - B
How to Leave a Legacy
What kind of impact will you leave in this world? Leadership expert John C. Maxwell shares his legacy dreams and how you can improve yours.
Are You Headed for a Breakdown

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