Monday, February 22, 2016

Notations From the Grid : On The Economy & Long Term Challenges (Selections From the Web Today)

Our team received this which is of profound concern:

Recession Already a Reality in Alaska, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming

Those four states are already in a recession, according to research from Moody’s Analytics, with at least three more at risk for long declines, in large thanks to energy and related manufacturing struggles. Will we fall into a slump?
This was validated as we received this from the team @ Route Fifty: 

Alaska Governor Wants to Re-Plumb State Finances to Depend Less on Energy Sector

BILL LUCIA  |   "We need to take the volatility of oil out of funding government," Gov. Bill Walker tells Route Fifty.

Economists Tell Governors That a Recession Is on the Horizon

BILL LUCIA  |   It probably won't happen this year but the "next recession is probably closer than the last one," one expert said during the National Governors Association's winter meeting.
These profound development foretell a broader question that was addressed in this podcast that we would be assessing in the "Visions" channel over the ensuing weeks and months: 

Podcast: Room for Debate
Can the American Dream Survive?
Professors Robert Gordon and Jeffrey Sachs debate whether the era of strong economic growth is over or whether innovation can revive America's future.

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