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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Notations From the Grid (W-End Edition): On Making A Difference....

One of the driving principles as we began this journey was to do all we can to make a difference in living up to Emerson's Admonition that our Editor was good enough to allow us to share when he released it in support of his Periodic support of Donate A Photo.   In that spirit, we wanted to share this resource available to support women in our Community--we will continue to feature such programs which in many ways are a potential model for the Nation: 


The Court Accompaniment Program (CAP) is a comprehensive legal advocacy program for women who are coming out of abusive and/or sexually exploitative relationships. As a woman myself, Social Worker and someone who has been the indirect victim of domestic violence, I know all too well how important it is to have social support during these times. As the studies and stats will show, leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for a woman.
In taking her control back and leaving a violent situation, she is more likely to receive threats, including death threats, and also more likely to be a victim of physical assault. CAP provides help in preparing restraining orders, providing transportation to and from the courthouse, victim’s rights education, and most importantly, the emotional support needed to follow-through. CAP addresses domestic violence and sex trafficking, directly, by empowering women to make their own informed decisions. But CAP also enriches lives by providing a sense of security, safety, and hope for a fresh start.
The CAP Program officially begins on 2/24/2020; however, we will be doing brief intakes starting 2/17/2020. The CAP Program will provide weekly free legal advocacy services----every Monday. If you're interested, please call us M-F between the hours of 8-2pm for a brief phone intake. IMPORTANT NOTE: We provide free pick-up from any city in North Orange County; however, you must be living in a domestic violence, homeless shelter/transitional living home, sober living home or a home for victims/survivors of sex trafficking. For information, contact us and ask for Vee at 773-302-7995 or Gloria at 714-699-1909.

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