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Monday, September 13, 2021

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): On the Prowl w/the Team at the Visual Capitalist


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Sunday Digest: Last Week's Infographics

Here are all the new infographics from last week in one easy place! 
9/11 Timeline: Three Hours That Changed Everything

This timeline visualization is a high-level record of what happened on the fateful morning of September 11, 2001.

The World's 25 Largest Lakes, Side by Side

The interesting map graphic uses the Great Lakes region as a point of comparison for the top 25 largest lakes in the world.

How Genetically Similar Are We To Other Life Forms?

Humans are 99.9% genetically similar to one another, but what about other species? We explore genetic similarity of us and other life forms.

All World Languages in One Visualization

This stunning visualization breaks down all the major world languages, based on their total native speakers and country of origin.

Bringing the World Into Focus: A Guide to MSCI Indexes

Global economic development has led investors to broaden their investment exposures. See how MSCI creates its equity indexes to support them.

Visualized: Three Investment Opportunities for the Future

Here are three investment opportunities to consider as the U.S. government proposes a record $6 trillion in budget initiatives.

Mapped: The World's Fastest Growing eCommerce Markets

eCommerce sales soared in 2020. But which countries saw the most growth? Here's a look at the fastest growing eCommerce markets worldwide.

Visualizing the Typical Atlantic Hurricane Season

While the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to late November, about 85% of activity happens between August, September, and October.

This Week's Flashback Favorites:

Basic Income Experiments Around the World

Universal Basic Income is one potential way to combat poverty and encourage economic activity, and a global map of basic income experiments shows that this trendy idea isn't new.

Originally from September 2020

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