Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thought 4 the Week: On #Apple & The Essence of it All

Charlie Rose had a very very insightful conversation with Tim Cook, Apple's CEO (which is available on Bloomberg's Website).      This is as Apple has announced record orders for its' iPhone 6 pre-orders and the big day of September 19 emerges.

Although comments on it will be released in the "Visions" Channel here in "outsiders' later this week, what was striking was how Tim Cook remembered Steve Jobs as a Mentor and a Teacher.   Tim Cook also reflected upon Steve Jobs as a Visionary and how he lived up to this admonition from Walt Disney (Courtesy of the Team @ SimpleTruths) that has done so much to transform lives as we know it--Why A sense of the possible in pursuing the "Education Road" is ever so crucial:

Sunrise Inspiration from BestQuotations.com
All our dreams can come true if we
have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney

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