Monday, September 22, 2014

View of the Week: Are you #UpForSchool?

Let's stand up!!!..and never stop asking how things can be better:

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“A curious person who asks questions
may be a fool for five minutes; he who never
asks questions remains a fool forever.
Vern McLellan

Are you #UpForSchool?

Click to sign #UpForSchool

Today, as world leaders gather at the United Nations, youth leaders from more than 85 countries are holding a rally in New York to launch a new global call to action - the #UpForSchool petition - demanding that every child in the world can go to school, without danger or discrimination.

Today young people will call for urgent action on behalf of 58 million children currently excluded from school because they are child labourers, married too young, discriminated against, exploited or living in war-torn regions where their schools are under attack. They are backed by a unique coalition of more than 100 businesses, faith leaders, NGOs, teachers and influential individuals. 

Nothing changes without pressure. Together we can create a movement no government, politician or leader can ignore.

Act Now. Stand #UpForSchool. Sign the petition at

Ben Hewitt,
Director of Campaigns, A World at School
Lewis Hamilton, Eddie Izzard and Stephen Fry tweet their support for the petition


Click to watch the #UpForSchool launch video on YouTube
Students in Pakistan signing the #UpForSchool Petition
10,000 students in Pakistan have already signed the #UpForSchool petition
Click to sign #UpForSchool
Click here to follow the news from today's event LIVE from New York, including a video message of support from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
Click here to read 'Roadmap to 2015: Three-Point Strategy for Education' by Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Global Education


International advocate Graça Machel: “Children and youth have risen to demand their right to education. I add my voice to theirs to amplify their call, and urge others to join this unstoppable movement. It is time to rise up for school!”

Actor and writer Rainn Wilson: “Children all over the world have a right to get education. So let’s start this petition. Let’s start this movement. This is how it begins, #UpForSchool”

United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown “Progress on getting children into school has stalled, aid to education is in rapid decline and 58 million children are being denied their right to an education. In the face of this crisis young people are connecting together, mobilising and demanding action from their leaders.”

Hadiza Bela Usman (Bring Back Our Girls leader in Nigeria) says: “Youth from around the world, whether it is Pakistan, Nigeria or Gaza, are coming together and sending the world a message. Together we can create a movement no government, politicians or leader can ignore. It is time to rise up for education”.

Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio and Angry Birds) says: “Things have changed. Young people are able to connect with each other like never before. They are mobilising and saying that an attack on one school is an attack on all schools. There is a powerful movement emerging and it is being supported by creative and innovate businesses and individuals”.

Isha Sesay (CNN) says: “We have seen powerful movements emerge after attacks on schools and school children in specific countries. We are now seeing young people link these together and seeing this as an attack on all children.”

Chernor Bah, co-founder of A World at School and youth activist, is leading the young people in their campaign. He says: “Around the world, from Pakistan to Nigeria, Syria to Gaza, we’re starting to connect. To rise up and demand action. Education is our right, no matter who we are or where we’re born. And no child in the world should be denied it.”

Campaigner and A World at School co-founder Sarah Brown says: “Education saves lives. Those with at least a basic education, earn more, they and their children are healthier and have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the stability of their communities and growth of their economies. We have an urgent deadline between now and the end of 2015 to bring about real change. Leaders must keep their promise and respond urgently with the financial investments and political commitments needed to get every child in to school.”

UN Special Envoy for Youth Ahmad Alhendawi "Young leaders from more than 85 countries are launching a global call to action - the #UpForSchool petition. We must do everything we can to support these young people as they mobilise together around the world. Join us. Stand #UpForSchool" 

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