Monday, December 22, 2014

Winding Down 2014 (Second in A Series): A Gift of Knowledge (Courtesy of the Team @ GovLoop)

We here @ #Outsiders first got "wind" of GovLoop a number of years ago and began an engagement process that continues even today as the Public Sector continues to be challenged on all front.  These resources are a "gem" for both Public & Private organization.   

As Part of the on-going year end review here in the Channels of #Outsiders, we hope all find this of interest:

Thank you for making GovLoop part of your holidays this year and for sharing the Gift of Knowledge with a coworker! It's all the awesome people like you who help to keep the GovLoop community growing, active and engaged.

Here's our best guides, blog posts, infographics, and online training videos from 2014. Enjoy and happy holidays!

15 Government Instagrams to Follow
Government can be beautiful! See how agencies are creatively connecting with their constituents through the social platform.
Set Yourself Up for a Stellar 2015
Let us help you help yourself. Follow these tips to set attainable goals for 2015.
Ready, Set, Goals!
The Internet of Things: Preparing Yourself for a Connected Government
How will the "Internet of Things" affect government and how is it already being utilized?
Get the 411 on IoT
6 Stages of an Email That Works
Are you taking advantage of the power of email? Here's how to leverage it for communication success.
Embrace Email
10 Benefits of Going Paperless
You don't have to be a tree hugger to appreciate the benefits of going paperless.
Go Green
Creating a Great Individual Development Plan to Grow Your Career
An effective IDP can drive your career forward; a deficient one can stall it. Find out the do's and don'ts.
Get Growing

You Know You're a Govie When...
…you have conversations in acronymns. We've got GIFs that define your life as a government employee.
Read On, You Govie
Your Citizen Engagement Checklist
Technology has disrupted traditional engagement tactics - read through 18 success strategies to better connect with citizens.
Get Engaged
From the State House to the County Clerk
If you're a state or local govie, these 15 success stories will inspire you.
State/Local Stand Up
Creating a Stronger Democracy: GIS on Capitol Hill
Maps can have a powerful effect on today's government by changing how lawmakers are visualizing and acting on data.
Harness The Power of GIS
Public Speaking Tips and Tricks
If picturing your audience naked doesn't cut it anymore, find out more effective ways to nail your next presentation.
Public Speaking 101
Work Smarter, Faster, and With Less Stress
Learn 20 valuable productivity tips to work smarter, not harder - without even breaking a sweat.
Stress Less

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