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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Leadership Edition): On Leaders in Action

For this first special edition on Leadership, we wanted to report on this courtesy of the team at the Financial Times.     We note that registration may be required:

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FT recommends

The Monday Interview

Jean Todt

Motorsport's ultimate diplomat Jean Todt fights to win

Interviewed by Murad Ahmed
How are the world's top founders and chief executives driving their companies to success?
The FT feature Monday Interview is dedicated to those men and women who are shaping their businesses and adapting to challenges and disruptions.
So read on to find out: who abolished his job to protect his shareholders, who had to paint his client's car in the shade of white French snow, who had to deal with his racist teenage girl-inspired bot.
Who do you think are the most influential women of 2017?
Ahead of our annual Women of the Year list, we are collecting your nominations. We are looking for women from around the world who have had a big impact - from controversial figures to heroes of our time.
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