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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Notations From the Grid (weekend edition): On #refugees w/guidance from @Refugees (UN Refugee Agency)

The refugee challenge continues to overwhelm Europe.    All media around the World have been reporting on it extensively especially as the challenge has become ever so critical and in the aftermath of the young 3-year old whose father buried him, his wife and his other son in Kobani.

This morning's New York Times featured smiling Syrian Refugees as they were given a warm welcome as they arrived in Munich, Germany:

It was also quite moving as we saw reports of the Vatican agreeing to take in two Syrian Families and as the Prime Minister of Finland opening up his own home to refugees.

An understanding of the flow of Refugees is critical as the World tries to come gripes with this profound challenge.    This is as smugglers continue to be merciless in their pursuit to abuse the plight of the people as they escape the misery of war in the Middle East as we reviewed reports of Saudi, UAE and Bahrani soldiers being killed fighting in Yemen as well:  

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