Wednesday, September 9, 2015

View of the Week (II): On Goverment @ Work

We wanted to report on a very interesting compliation of Government in action courtesy of the team at +GovLoop which our team and founder has been an enthusiastic support for years:

Making moves, solving problems.     

State and local government workers are on the ground floor. They work directly beside and regularly hear from their constituents. It's personal.

And with this feedback, they are able to improve citizen services with innovations that could take the federal government years, if not decades, to implement.
The Top Challenges and Solutions from State and Local Government
In our new guide, we share 16 stories about challenges that officials at the state and local levels have faced — and how they overcame them.

Here's a sneak peek at five of the impressive innovations. Download the guide for the complete list!
  1. Nashville, TN developed a workforce dashboard to improve diversity and pay equality in government.
  2. The City of Detroit is moving from bankruptcy to financial transparency with an open data portal.
  3. Washington State, the University of Tacoma and NIST are joining forces to bring retired soldiers into the cyber profession.
  4. Oakland County, MI implemented adaptive traffic signals to cut delays at intersections by up to 40% and reduced serious-injury accidents by 50%.
  5. Phoenix, AZ created an innovative recycling program to repurpose trash and reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills by 40% in the next five years.
Download the Guide Now

Helping you think outside the box,
Team GovLoop

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